Electrical Power Steering

Electrical Power Steering for your Sunbeam Alpine!

Here are some of the components in the EPS Kit I offer. The three eared metal “tube” and small “coupler” closest to the ECM box in the picture will come with the Upper Steering Column assembled.

​I have done a complete mock up ​of the EPS ​in the Green1 with a Dash minus the gauges.  Had the steering cowling fitted with the steering wheel and the telescoping option installed.
I have all of the stock/optional/original capabilities back in the upper column of my Modified Unit.
Turn signals/Overdrive/Horn/etc., etc. are intact.
And down under and behind the Dash the Defrost vent is “unmodified”.  The Fresh Air Duct for the SV’s is functional and also unmolested. 🙂


Alpine Steering Box with the column running thru the firewall.
Electric Power Steering (EPS) Motor Assembly connected to the Alpine Steering Column through the firewall to the Steering Box in the engine compartment.
EPS Mounted in the Original Alpine Steering Bracket (will be behind the Dash).
Alpine Upper Steering Telescoping Unit fitted to the EPS Motor assy. More than adequate foot clearance.
A good view of the EPS with the Alpine Telescoping piece/steering wheel nut -mounted in original position with all functions such as the turn signals/flasher/horn/ etc.
EPS Steering mounted, with the ECM located on the firewall where the Kick Panel will hide it. The wiring harness has sufficient wire to run to the necessary connections such as the Battery Box and the Controller to the Motor assembly; the ignition switch and the Adjustment Knob to the Dash.
The Positive & Ground wires from the ECM to the Battery Box. Routing is recommended along the inside sill.
Continuation of the Power Source and ground from the ECM to the Battery.
End of Line: From the ECM to Battery. An inline fuse comes with the Harness.